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Executive Gift Giving

Party planners recommend the following strategies:

Step 1: Determine a budget.

Create a budget that takes into account decorations, invitations, food and drink. If your budget gets too bloated, Foxman suggests asking friends or guests to bring some food or having beer and wine, which is less expensive than a full bar.

Step 2: Decide the number of guests. read more »


Put aside the traditionally logo-imprinted pen or mug, and embossed portfolio folder — it’s time for your businesses to get more creative with corporate gifts this holiday season. Business experts and professionals together continue to express the importance of corporate gifts, explaining that it builds a strong connection between client and employee satisfaction. However, sometimes it can be difficult for businesses to choose the best, most appropriate gift. read more »


Gift receipts have become a common feature of holiday and year-round shopping. Gift receipts can prove handy when it comes to gift-giving provided they don’t get lost in the shuffle. These receipts make returns and exchanges easier and keep the purchase prices hidden from the gift recipient.

Organizing your gift receipts is the key. Here are some ways to keep them under wraps and control your holiday clutter.

Coupon holder: A plastic coupon holder can house all of your gift receipts. Simply stow them in there after your purchase and mark the recipients’ names on the receipts. read more »


Celebrations and holidays dot everyone’s calendar. An important component of these festive times are the gifts that serve as mementos and gestures of affection. Bridal party gifts, hostess presents and birthday treats are just a few of the many gifting ideas. Gifts can also be given for no major reason at all, except to show that you care.

The best gifts are those that no one else has. read more »


Christmas: a race that culminates in your friends’ or family members’ rehearsed joyful response to this year’s round of new “stuff.” Does that sound like your definition of they year’s most heralded holiday? If you haven’t saved enough money to buy an island, or a trip to the moon, all you’re doing is increasing someone’s fine collection of possessions that require regular dusting. Instead, give the person who already has plenty of stuff an experience. read more »


Time can take its toll during the holidays. Why not make time work for you and your loved ones this year with gifts that make your time well spent?

Escape — Get away from it all. If someone on your list can use a break, consider a movie pass to a favorite multiplex. For the busy athlete in the family, choose a nearby ski resort and give a weekend lift pass. read more »


It’s fun to give jewelry — one of the season’s hot holiday gifts — but not if it puts you in the red. Sure you want to shoot for the stars, but throwing caution to the wind isn’t always so friendly to the wallet.

For those who have to reign in the budget just a bit, jewelry purchases can still top your list of beautiful picks in holiday gifts, provided you follow these suggestions for making the most of your money. read more »


If you’re looking to green up your life, here is an easy idea: Get rid of those catalogs you get in the mail every week and hardly ever open — stashing them somewhere for that “someday.”  read more »


There are so many new technologies moving into the consumer mass market and so many applications within each technology, it can make the most savvy technology-consumer dizzy. A casual search of magazines and Web sites can put the adventurous into overload almost as fast as the newest CPU’s munch ones and zeros.

Your friendly neighborhood publisher, recognizing the dangers of the technology jungle, especially for the uninitiated, wisely engaged another person to search out some of the more intriguing items available for this year’s giving season. read more »

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