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Dr. Kurt Adams celebrates silver anniversary

Dr. Kurt Adams, a graduate of Green River community college, attended Parker College of Chiropractic and upon completion of his education, he became certified by the National Chiropractic Board, and licensed by the State of Washington.

Celebrating his silver anniversary, Adams stated, “I’m really lucky to still be doing this after all these years. I didn’t think I’d make it twenty five years doing anything. I’m very grateful, and I still truly enjoy helping people get better.”

Adams Chiropractic is located on Anderson Hill right next to Central Kitsap High School.

“We like to make personal connections with our patients,” Adams added. “We care about every one of our people, and we want them to know that. We want to know how their life is going; we want to know how their children are doing. They’re family to us.”

For more information on Dr. Kurt Adams, or how to set up an appointment, visit www.drkurtadams.com.

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