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Harrison Medical Center left out of UnitedHealthcare network

About 1,200 Kitsap residents with health insurance through UnitedHealthcare will no longer be able to use Harrison Medical Center as their in-network provider. UnitedHealthcare dropped the hospital system from coverage at the end of November after negotiations with Harrison failed to reach an agreement on reimbursement rates.

Harrison CEO Scott Bosch wrote in a letter sent to patients that UnitedHealthcare has refused to negotiate “reasonable rate terms,” and that Harrison is disappointed “we’ve been unable to reach an agreement with UnitedHealthcare regarding fair payment for our physician and hospital services.”

UnitedHealthcare reportedly disputed its refusal to negotiate. In a statement sent to the Kitsap Sun, it said, “We extended a good-faith contract offer to Harrison Medical Center that provides value and allows us to maintain affordable health care options for our members in Washington. Unfortunately, Harrison Medical Center requested rates 24 percent higher than what our competitors pay.”

A Harrison spokesperson said the rates it requested were in line with other insurance carriers’ but what UnitedHealthcare was offering wasn’t enough to cover expenses.

The change does not impact UnitedHealthcare coverage for Medicaid, Medicare and TRICARE plans. Although Harrison recently became affiliated with Franciscan Health Systems, FHS services also remain covered, including St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor.

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