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Education training program for entrepreneurs resumes through Kitsap Community Resources

Kitsap Community Resources has announced that its Business Education Support & Training program (BE$T) will be providing entrepreneurial training to Kitsap residents in low-income situations who want to start or expand a business.

The next “Get Ready for Business Boot Camp and Orientation” will be March 19 at 6 p.m. at the KCR Community Resource Building, 1201 Park Ave. in Bremerton. The session is free to anyone interested.

For program information and preregistration, contact BE$T program manager and business specialist Stuart Walton at swalton [at] kcr [dot] org, or call 360-473-2141 or 206-914-4824.

The name of Business Education Support & Training describes what the program does, and with the help of interested community leaders, clients, volunteers and local entrepreneurs, the name fits with Kitsap Community Resources’ organization and mission. This program previously operated in Kitsap County as CASH (Community Alliance for Self-Help), which helped many individual entrepreneurs learn how to start businesses.

The program includes an introductory orientation, followed by an eight-week professionally taught business training program. Following completion of the training class, clients may apply for the on-going business support group, obtain peer micro-loans, receive individual business counseling, attend advanced workshops and legal clinics, and continue in group support meetings held every two weeks.

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