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The Last Word
The Last Word

With the defeat of the two liquor initiatives this past November, it now comes out that the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) is actually another state agency using inflated numbers to justify itself.

According to the Daily Olympian newspaper, the state’s liquor operation reported that it generated about $870 million in sales last year with about $370 million of “profit” shared with state, city and county governments — much of it directed toward law enforcement at the local level.

It also stated that all of the agency’s expenses, about $125 million, are covered by liquor sales. read more »

The Last Word

There has been a significant amount of conjecture lately that New Jersey Governor, Republican Chris Christie, is considering a run for the White House in 2012. Thanks to YouTube, he certainly has captured the attention of a lot of people fed up with over-taxation — not only in his state, but all around the country. He’s also made a quite name for himself by not being afraid of, or intimidated by, New Jersey’s most powerful unions, and backing them down over economic and policy issues.

The rotund Christie is colorfully outspoken, and recently gave a speech on national economic policy that ignited the discussion of his presidential ambitions. read more »

The Last Word

The recent resignation of County Commissioner Steve Bauer certainly surprised many. He came into office as the choice of the Democratic Party upon the resignation of Chris Endresen, who left to become state director for Senator Maria Cantwell, and Bauer was elected as the incumbent on his own two years ago.

There are some folks who are openly coveting the job, but the only names that have surfaced at presstime are Linda Berry-Maraist, Rob Gelder, Clarence Moriwaki, Patrick Pearson and Laurie Serdahl — all of whom requested applications. Moriwaki and Gelder both went after the job in 2007, when Bauer was appointed. Moriwaki, who had previously served as the County’s Public Information Officer before becoming a victim of budget cuts, was one of the finalists for the position. read more »

The Last Word

The new census numbers not only tell us a lot about the direction of our country over the last decade, but say much more about America’s hopes and dreams over the long term. The thing that jumped out at me in analyzing the constitutionally mandated head count is that while it isn’t an election, the 2010 census shows Americans have no trouble voting with their feet.

For many, it reflects rising support of limited government, but more interestingly, determines what states gained and lost seats in Congress. read more »

The Last Word

Our state recently announced it is tightening its requirements for issuing driver’s licenses in a supposed effort to reduce the number of people obtaining them fraudulently.

According to a press release from the Department of Licensing, it will require proof of a valid Washington residence if an applicant doesn’t provide a verified Social Security number. The proof documents, such as rental agreements, will be copied and verified by the agency before a permanent license is issued.

Washington, New Mexico and Utah have been states where illegal immigrants could easily obtain licenses after crackdowns in other border states like Arizona and Texas. read more »

The Last Word

I’m sure many readers expected some post-election commentary here, but due to our deadline schedule, this had to be written before election day. I’ll pen some post-election thoughts on my blog, West Sound Politics (www.westsoundpolitics.blogspot.com) once the dust settles. read more »

The Last Word

I was saddened by the news that longtime civic leader Tim Arnold had passed away after a 2-year fight with brain and lung cancer. I’d known Tim a very long time — originally meeting when I first started my business and he was still in upper management during the heyday of Spot Realty. He became a client of my business from the time he started first Bradley Scott.

We worked together on the Economic Development Council, and on several community projects. Tim was extremely smart, thoughtful, pragmatic, and as honest as the day is long. read more »


Personally, I’ve always thought that the George Orwell classic novel 1984 should be required reading for every high school student — or at least for those who can actually read and comprehend anything at more than a remedial level. It seems to me to be more pertinent today, than at any time in our history — even the revisionist history being taught in our public schools.


And is it just me, or is it remarkable that within a week of Tiger Woods crashing his Cadillac Escalade into a tree, that the mainstream media managed to find every woman whom Tiger had either had casual sex, or a bona fide affair with, in the past decade, complete with photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, etc.? read more »

The Last Word

I seem to have become a target as of late for the more hysterical brand of right-wing propaganda. Via email, I receive at least a half dozen or more off the wall rantings daily from a wide variety of sources — many with Tea Party origins, and some even farther to the right.

I’ve never bought into the whole Obama birth certificate issue, believing if it truly is valid, Dick Cheney would have had the FBI and CIA all over it when the Republicans were in power and he had the opportunity. Obama would have never been able to even run, much less get elected, with Cheney on his case if it were true. read more »

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