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The Last Word
Clarifying what I write compared to what I think...

Recently, I had someone who I respect, write and say they were “concerned” with the slant of some things I’ve published both here and on my blog, WestSound Politics (westsoundpolitics.com). Some of what is published on the blog is a reprint of material that appeared elsewhere, while what you read here is always original.

Every so often I have to remind our readers that what is published isn’t always my opinion — but observations of the obvious — what is going on in the world around us that many people are too ideologically blind to see. I see my job as being like the kid in the fairy tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” — who points out the fact that the emperor is actually naked.

Sometimes, observation and opinion come together — like this…

I’m not any happier with anything I’ve seen from President Obama than I was with Bush, who I believe was the worst president of my lifetime — except for maybe Jimmy Carter — who I worked my butt off to help elect. Obama is a masterful orator and political operative, but believe what he does, and ignore most of what he says, because they are often diametrically opposed. Obama’s rhetoric is obviously aimed at keeping the faithful both in line — and at bay — while we race down a socialist path to mediocrity. His foreign policy has weakened us militarily because he is either unrealistically idealistic, or he doesn’t understand just how committed to the destruction of our way of life our enemies are.

That said, I don’t align myself with the Tea Partiers either. Here are my observations on them — and what motivates them…

Illegal immigrants are a much larger concern to the average American than Democrats want to admit because they view them as a voting bonanza that will keep them in power for generations to come. But our immigration policy has made a lot of Americans extremely uncomfortable, and has a lot to do with what has driven the Tea Party movement.

But health care has become their common ground — not so much the issue itself because many of the Tea Partiers are victims of the system as well, but the way it was shoved down our throats — the blatant lies and backroom deals. This has galvanized them into the force they’ve become. And if you don’t believe they’ve become a force, you’re asleep at the switch.

As much as the Democrats would like to minimize them, the Tea Partiers are for real, and will be a force to be reckoned with in November. There are simply too many of them to write off as nut jobs — and more are joining their ranks every day. The divide and conquer, class warfare strategy that has served the Democrats so well for generations, coupled with their high-profile elitist ridicule of the Tea Party movement, has failed to work. It simply fuels their anger, and is swelling their ranks — the exact opposite impact the Democrats intended.

The Tea Party movement is also crossing party lines as more and more people remain out of work, their unemployment benefits begin to run out, and their homes are foreclosed on. They’ve begun to see wasteful government spending, and over-regulation for exactly what it is, and the impact on it has on their daily lives and pocketbooks. Many people who have always been socially moderate to somewhat liberal (read: rank and file Democrats) are facing financial hardship for the first time in their lives, and it’s dramatically changing their perspective.

Joe Sixpack sees government employees arrogantly demanding hefty pay raises and quickly becoming an elitist class in this spiraling economy, while he or she is laid off and can’t find work. It isn’t sitting well. Neither is watching the government put us trillions in debt for health care that will diminish the quality of care across the board for everyone. Coupled with the way it was done, it has become the focal point of their anger — hence the growth of the Tea Party movement.

The ultra-liberals who idolize Obama and what he is doing don’t “get” any of this, and they are in the driver’s seat of the Democratic Party. They are also, for the most part, people who still have jobs, which are conveniently funded with tax dollars. It’s in their best interest to support the liberal status quo — even if they question the out of control spending.

We’re years past being able to realistically blame our economic woes on Bush and/or Reagan. We’re living with economic policies put in place by the liberal majority in Congress — including dominating the last two years of Bush’s presidency — and a Democratic president.

It’s the same in our state after a generation of arrogant (can you say i-960?) one-party rule in the legislature and the governor’s office. The results of policies they’ve put in place are becoming apparent to more and more people daily — which also is helping drive the growth of the Tea Party movement statewide.

Luckily for the Democrats, if you take Dino Rossi out of the mix, the Republicans continue to lack credible candidates at almost all levels from dogcatcher on up. Will Doug Cloud beat Norm this time? No. Have Romney, Palin, Jindal or Pawlenty galvanized a majority of the electorate — including the Tea Partiers? Hardly.

I’ve regularly taken Republicans — especially at the state and local levels — to task for their close-mindedness. I’ve written dozens of times over the years that there isn’t a way to shoot themselves in the foot they haven’t thought of, but that I have great confidence in their ability to invent new ones. The ultra conservatives in charge would rather be “right” on issues than move anywhere near the center and actually win an election.

I hope this gives you a little different perspective on what I publish and why. Figuring this out isn’t exactly rocket science, but you have to be open minded and analytical enough to observe it for what it actually is. The focus of what I write here, and share on the blog isn’t to change the minds of readers, but to expose people of all political persausions to multiple points of view they won’t get in the mainstream media. The hope is that by doing that, it will force them to think — and take off their ideological blinders long enough to do it. Nothing more — nothing less.


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