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Clarifying our coming changes -- plus some other stuff

Last issue I outlined a number of changes we will be making in the coming months in response to both the evolution of the newspaper industry, and the news business in general, as well as the current state of our economy. In response to the feedback from advertisers and readers alike, some of these changes need modification, while others just need some clarification.

The main question we got from our readers and advertising partners concerned the print edition of the paper and the change to subscription-based distribution. So let me take the time to explain this fully.

We will be moving towards a paid subscription readership of the paper. However, this change will not take place until next year. In the meantime, we are trying to get our arms around just how many people still want to receive the print version as they do now — in the mail, and at no charge.

We’re looking at an opt-in situation, where you notify us online or by phone. There is a button on the front page of our Web site that just says, “Yes! I want to receive the print version of the Business Journal.” It brings up a form to fill out and submit electronically. That’s all there is to it.

Was it just me or did Governor Gregoire appear more than a little miffed at Gary Locke’s nomination as Commerce Secretary? I wonder if after being mentioned as a possibility, if she was hoping for the job.

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