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Who is Herman Cain and why should we care?

I admit that when five of the Republican candidates for president appeared at their lecterns in the first televised debate of the season, I said to myself, oh no. Not another black guy. We’ve already been snookered into electing the first black president who has turned out to be a total flop at managing the country.

I watched the entire debate, however, and by the time it was over, I was convinced we should have waited and made this guy our first black president. We should have withheld the honor until a black candidate appeared whose job application showed him ready, willing and able to take the reins.

Herman Cain is his name. He is 65 and has bona fides that include a masters degree at Purdue and years of CEO experience pulling Burger King Restaurants out of the hole and rescuing Godfather Pizza from going bankrupt. He was head of the National Restaurant Association for years. Besides running for president, he has a talk show out of Atlanta.

He has never run for anything before but he wasn’t the least bit fazed by his co-candidates in the South Carolina debate, former Govs. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Gary Johnson of New Mexico, former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

“They have held public office before,” he told the audience. “How’s that working out for you?” The audience almost brought the house down.

Cain opposes gay marriage and abortion which should make him OK with the tea party folks. Like most Republicans, he wants to reduce the size of government. He’d swap the federal income tax for a consumption tax.

He didn’t hesitate to aim one at the incumbent either, saying of the recent disposal of Osama bin Laden, “One right decision does not a great president make.” And our wars?

He is still trying to figure out our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan, he said.

I was impressed that a Fox jury of voters after the S.C. debate revealed that not one of them had been a Cain supporter prior to it but afterward nearly all were sold on him.

Unlikely as it may seem right now, just think for a minute what a race would be like between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Herman Cain. Blacks would be the most torn of all, deciding whether they want charisma or experience.

Does Obama have too much of a head start with the wipeout of our most hated enemy for the last decade, Osama bin Laden? Obama is trying to take credit for being the brains of the whole thing, but the full story has not come out yet detailing exactly how much input he had, beyond the requirement that he give the OK.

As I hear it on the overnight talk shows, Lars Larson and Laura Ingraham, the Navy Seals were ready for weeks to go but the president couldn’t bring himself to give the signal. He is a born ditherer. Even at the brink of “go,” he told them give him overnight to think it over and he’d give them the word in the morning.

I think the delay was for a last minute check with his handlers since every move made now is to ensure reelection in 2012. One thing we’ve learned about Obama, he was created and is managed by a small covey of left-wingers. Actually, he was at the point he had to OK the effort or he’d suffer the same criticism launched at Bill Clinton when a similar raid was planned and CIA head Leon Panetta couldn’t get hold of the then president for the OK, the accusation that he was busy with Monica. By the time he was ready to answer the telephone, the window of opportunity had closed.

Clinton survived because he’s a skillful BSer. Obama’s BSing is written for him.

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