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What’s happening to us in this country?

What happened to being responsible for your own actions and debts?

What happened to people who enlist in the honorable calling of public service and then spend their time feathering their own nests?

Why do so many public officials make being in office for life their goal? Terms are set in order to achieve, I thought, a regular turnover of citizens willing to serve the people.

What’s wrong with this commercial which runs regularly on radio: “People with over $10,000 in credit card debt have a right to settle that debt with a fraction of what they owe. Credit card companies have been given billions of dollars in bailout money and need to clear their books. Call Credit Answers at this telephone number.”

A right? Nobody has a right to settle any debt at a fraction of what they owe, especially when the remainder of the debt is put on the tab of the taxpaying public. Everyone has an obligation, a responsibility, a duty to pay legally acquired debt.

Why are 40 percent of the people in the U.S. excused from paying any income tax? OK, Jesus said “the poor always ye will have with you,” but even the poor can pay a percentage, albeit a small one, of their income to share in the cost of providing them with the amenities of life. I think every citizen should pay income tax, even if the income is from the government dole. A pittance would even satisfy that obligation if the dole is a tiny one, which I doubt, considering the generosity of our government.

How about this often heard radio commercial run by an outfit called Communities in Schools: “I think some people think schools can do everything but I’m a teacher, not a parent.”

What happened to the old watchword of education, “in loco parentis,” which means in the absence of the parent? Educators used to cite that on their responsibility when the children are delivered into their care for the day. I think in loco parentis went by the boards when parents and school boards failed to back teachers who attempted to discipline students who became unruly but nothing was done out of fear of lawsuits.

A Dr. Marion Brookman has a new book out on sexual education called “You’re teaching my child what?” She appeared on the Washington Times morning news show the other day where one citation on what’s being taught was for teens who want to find out if they are gay to “try it and see if you like it.” No comment, I get enough hate mail already.

The U.S. Health Dept. has a radio ad out where someone asks a grocery store clerk what he’s sweeping up. He says “love handles and bellies.” More people are losing weight by eating before grocery shopping, he says, because it cuts down on purchase of junk food.

If they can sweep up love handles, I wish they’d sweep up all the “g’s” that are lying around. Newscasters, politicians and countless others keep dropping their “g’s.” The complaint persists about a lack of science teachers but who’s been teaching English? Anybody? I am so tired of hearing comin’ and goin’ and drivin’ and votin’ and thinkin’ and on and on. Can’t anybody speak English the way it appears in the dictionary?

That’s enough rant for the day. I wish the president would set an example instead of lapsing into the lingo of whatever group he’s addressing. It’s positively disgustin.’ Pardon me, disgusting.

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