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ITEM — The number of U.S. citizen children born to illegal immigrants has dramatically increased over the past five years, from 2.7 million in 2003 to 4 million in 2008, according to the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center. The study, which analyzed census statistics, found U.S. born children now account for 73 percent of all children of illegal immigrants. Children born on U.S. soil are automatically granted citizenship.

COMMENT — What’s the point of trying to stop illegal immigration at the Mexican border when they’re gaining in numbers faster by adding to the family once they’re on the premises. We can put a stop to that and being responsible until these kids are 18 by putting pregnant illegal immigrants at the head of the deportation list.

ITEM — Gov. Christine Gregoire was mentioned as a possible replacement for Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who has announced he will retire in June. The president has indicated he favors someone who has empathy with the poor and disadvantaged over determining which cases brought before them follow the Constitution.

COMMENT — Well, she’s for gay marriage, kowtowing to labor unions and switching from the electoral college to popular vote for president and vice president, none of which appears to be a constitutional priority so she should suit the new president just fine.

ITEM — A human rights group has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider whether life sentences without parole are a humane punishment for the very young. An 18 year old can expect to spend 50 or 60 years behind bars with no hope of ever being freed when every prisoner should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel at some point.

COMMENT — I have no more sympathy for young murderers than I do the old ones. If you want to try something new, pick a date 20 or 30 years into the sentence and then give the prisoner the option to choose death by injection if he finds his existence as a lifer unbearable, or let him finish out the sentence. Victims didn’t get that choice.

ITEM — Vice President Joe Biden got in the dog house with the president for remarks concerning the flu epidemic that contributed to causing panic among the people. Asked by a reporter what he would advise his family to do, he said, they should not ride a plane, take the subway or be in any confined places. He revised his remarks to mean only if family members are feeling sick.

COMMENT — What’s the big deal? I remember when polio had people scared half to death and my family, as well as many others, gave up going to the movies or any events frequented by a lot of strangers in close contact to avoid catching it. Nobody worried about panic then, only the possibility of winding up dead or in an iron lung.

ITEM — Al Franken looks like the winner in the Minnesota senate race.

COMMENT — He can thank Washington’s Democratic Party leader who went to Minnesota at counting time and showed them how we did it when Dino Rossi was elected governor twice and cheated out of it by the appearance of additional votes for Gregoire.

ITEM — The U.S. Supreme Court has revived a possible $550,000 fine against CBS-TV for having shown a split second image of Janet Jackson’s breast during a Super Bowl halftime show in 2004. That set aside a ruling in CBS’ favor from a federal appeals court that it was not an indecency violation because the display was brief and inadvertent.

COMMENT — I told you at the time it was about as inadvertent as O.J.’s being unable to put on the gloves at his trial. As for brief, if you add up the times we have been shown this split second display since then, Janice Jackson’s breast has been on TV more than Barack Obama.

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