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Eagle Harbor Holdings awarded patent

Eagle Harbor Holdings, LLC, a technology engineering developer and intellectual property licensor, based on Bainbridge Island, announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued patent #7,778,739, titled Method and Apparatus for Dynamic Configuration of Multiprocessor System, with a parent application filing date of April 24, 2001.

Dan Preston, Eagle Harbor CEO, stated, “This latest addition to our intellectual property portfolio is crucial with its early priority date of April, 2001. This concept will be essential to the automotive industry for creating an in-vehicle management method for applications used by various portable devices like cell phones and MP3 players. It will basically control the data and applications to ensure that devices in the vehicle receive the correct priority for proper use.,” he stated. “We’re working on many other patented innovations and will be making further announcements soon. The automobile industry will continue its rebound and growth and we look forward to supporting the industry through our patents.”

Reach Eagle Harbor Holding at 206-780-4093 or at www.ehhllc.com.

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