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Rhonda Morris and Kathy ThibeauLiberty Bay Bank has announced the promotions of Rhonda Morris to senior vice president of operations, and Kathy Thibeault to assistant vice president and controller. read more »


Rebecca LantzKitsap Bank announced that Rebecca Lantz was named Employee of the Quarter for the first quarter of 2014. 

Lantz has worked in the Deposit Support Department since April 2013, and previously worked as a financial service specialist and a teller.  read more »


PR Newswire

WASHINGTON — The Partnership for a New American Economy and the Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform released a new report showing how American families are eating more imported fresh produce today than ever before, in substantial part because U.S. growers lack enough labor to expand their production and compete with foreign importers.

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Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant is now offering to let small businesses and human service agencies phase in a $15-an-hour minimum wage over three years.

Sawant, a socialist who won a council seat by campaigning to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, is standing by her proposal to require big businesses to pay a $15 wage in 21015, but on Wednesday she issued a statement that said that “to make progress” she would allow a phase-in period for small businesses and human service agencies.

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The odds that Congress will pass an increase in the U.S. minimum wage before the November elections are so low that even the nation’s lobbyists are largely ignoring it.

The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest union group, won’t gear up for a push in Congress until a vote on an increase is scheduled in the Senate, said chief lobbyist Bill Samuel. His group, and business organizations that oppose raising hourly pay, are giving more attention to wage proposals in the states.

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Every day, startups and entrepreneurs across Washington develop exciting new products and services that might benefit consumers. Of course there are no guarantees. Any two-guys-in-a-garage idea could lead to brilliant commercial success or miserable failure, but there is no way to know until the new product or service is tested in the real-world marketplace. All these would-be profitable business owners face a basic problem (unless they are already wealthy) - raising enough money to get started.

The people behind any startup are usually untried and hold few assets, so they often can’t secure a bank loan, and their nascent project isn’t big enough to incorporate and launch a conventional IPO. One answer is crowdfunding, leveraging the connecting power of the internet to collect small contributions from a wide variety of people at very low transaction costs. The method can be used to finance nonprofit or for-profit projects. Either way, using crowdfunding to raise money is popular, simple and voluntary. read more »


Safeway is merging with Albertsons in a deal valued at about $9.2 billion.

Both grocery store chains have a substantial presence in Washington state. Safeway has 19 locations in Seattle alone; Albertsons has about 60 stores in the state.

Albertsons owner, Cerberus Capital Management LP, will pay $40 a share to merge two of the largest supermarket chains in the U.S. Cerberus investor partners in the acquisition include Kimco Realty Corp., Klaff Realty LP, Lubert-Adler Partners LP and Schottenstein Stores Corp.

Safeway’s board of directors has unanimously approved the deal. read more »


Some call it personal shopping for the masses; others see it as instant gratification in grocery. However you define Instacart, it’s starting to catch on across the country with everyone from time-stressed working parents to college students.

The company is one of the latest entries into the hotly contested grocery delivery market, still a bold experiment garnering mixed results at companies like AmazonFresh and Google Shopping Express, and limited success among geographically limited services like Peapod and FreshDirect. Walmart has been testing a grocery delivery service in the San Francisco Bay area since 2011; several other supermarkets, including Safeway, have also developed delivery services. read more »


Business Examiner

Two significant changes were announced recently for government employees whose health insurance is provided by the state Public Employees Benefits Board program. And both include possible cost increases.

Beginning July 1, persons covered will face a $25 per account surcharge if they or any of their covered family members use tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff or other forms. To avoid the financial levy, they can enroll in a PEBB sponsored tobacco cessation program.

There will also be a monthly $50 surcharge if enrolled spouses or domestic partners have chose not to enroll in a medical plan from their own employers that is comparable to a PEBB medical plan. read more »

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