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Edward Jones financial advisor Donald Logan of Silverdale is hosting a free educational seminar titled “A Woman’s Guide to Money Matters” at 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 26 at Edward Jones Investments, 2416 NW Myhre Road, Suite 102 in Silverdale.

During the seminar, participants will learn more about:

  • What one can do now to prepare for retirement
  • Options to pay for a child’s or grandchild’s education
  • Developing a strategy to help achieve financial goals

The seminar is free, but space is limited. To make a reservation, call Logan or Beth Halvorson at 360-692-1216.


A free “Get Ready for Business Workshop and Orientation” will be held on Sept. 10, from 6-8:30 p.m. at the Kitsap Community Resources building, 1201 Park Ave. in Bremerton.

This class is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in acquiring the skills necessary in starting or expanding their own business. It is also the entry point into the Business Education, Support & Training (BEST) entrepreneur program, a professionally taught eight-week business development training class that will start on Sept. 24 in Bremerton. read more »


As you are reading this column, students aged 5 to 17 are getting ready to shake off the frivolity of summer and descend into school hallways for another year of reading, writing and applied technology. As a member of my local school board for the past four years, a former high school basketball coach, a volunteer, and a parent of two daughters that matriculated through the system, I have a pretty good insight into the workings of student life. From my surveillance, I posit that we as business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs would do well to observe the average third-grader as a source of inspiration on how to run our own businesses and careers. read more »

Cover Story

Alice David, a jewelry maker who is a member of the OfficeXpats co-working community, makes preparations for a "steam punk" party the group did recently as part of an after-hours gathering.When Tobias Eigen returned to Bainbridge Island after two years in Germany, the IT strategy consultant started working from home. But he felt isolated since he had a virtual team — plus, at home, he had distractions like chores.

These days, Eigen works alongside plenty of co-workers, except they are all independent agents like him, each working for a different business. He spends five days in an office without having an office, thanks to co-working. Four days a week, he can be found at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island, either busy on his laptop or mingling with his “co-workers.” He also spends one day a week at the HUB in Seattle, another co-working location.

“My biggest fascination with it is the synergies read more »


The Bremerton office of the Washington State Department of Revenue is hosting a free workshop for new and small business owners on Sept. 5, from 9-11 a.m. at the Sheridan Park Community Center, 680 Lebo Blvd. in Bremerton.

Participants will learn about state excise taxes, reporting classifications, deductions, tax incentives, sales tax collection, and record-keeping requirements. All receive a workbook and helpful reference guide to Department of Revenue rules and regulations. read more »


In the world of small business, there are more men than women bosses. However, two recent studies show that women may make for better leaders.

According to a survey conducted by Chris Bart, professor of strategic management at the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, and Gregory McQueen, a McMaster graduate and senior executive associate dean at Still University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine, women actually run better performing businesses than men.

Last year, Zeneger Folkman, a company that studies leadership, found that women rated higher than men on 12 out of 16 attributes tested. After analyzing 7,280 of their clients’ performance evaluations, they found two traits where women outscored men significantly: taking initiative and driving results. read more »


Is there a safe way to track customers in a retail store? Don’t ask Nordstrom, which came under fire in May for tracking the Wi-Fi signal of users who visited their store.

Using a service from Euclid Analytics, Nordstrom was tracking the media access control (MAC) address of a smartphone to analyze customer behavior in the store. For example, the retailer can find out where in the store most customers linger or how often a phone user shops at a particular location. According to an ABC News report, customers were not happy about the privacy invasion.

Fortunately, there are less invasive ways to accomplish the same goals. The six technologies featured here do not track a specific customer or his purchases unless they opt-in to the service. In some cases, data is collected anonymously but isn’t tied to a specific patron’s MAC address. read more »


Yesterday I stood in line behind an older woman at the post office who was clearly a regular customer. She would pick up some stamps, give the post office a check to convert to cash, and have a lovely little conversation with the clerk working the desk. It was friendly and slow-the sort of conversation you imagine happening at post offices for decades.

How many of those kinds of real conversations do you think happen with your business online?

Not many-and that’s a good thing. There is a powerful human connection we can get from a moment like this, if we stop and enjoy it. That rarely translates the same way online. Yet despite this fact, social media gurus for years have been pushing conversation as the reason for using tools like Facebook or Twitter to promote business. read more »


Isis, the mobile-payment venture backed by AT&T Inc. (T:US), Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS:US), is planning its national rollout after nine months of tests.

The service, which lets users make purchases by tapping their phones, will work on Apple Inc.’s (AAPL:US) iPhones as well as Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone and BlackBerry Ltd.’s newest smartphones, Isis said in a statement. It will continue to work with some devices powered by Google Inc.’s Android software.

Isis has been testing the technology at more than 4,000 locations in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City and will expand nationwide later this year. read more »

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