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Last month was Fathers Day and it got me thinking a little bit about the role of parenting in general. I hear constantly from people I coach and mentor as well as those that I’m friends and acquaintances with that they aspire to spending “quality” time with their children.

What is “quality time?” read more »


For entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea for a product or service but need help with next steps or “the pitch,” there are four lunchtime workshops in July at OfficeXpats on Bainbridge Island to move such ideas closer to reality. 

The presenter, Michael “Luni” Libes, is a serial entrepreneur. Over the past two decades he has founded or helped to build six start-ups, offering products for mobile analytics, mobile search, mobile gaming, enterprise collaboration, and pen computing.  read more »


Last month, I found myself sitting at an Applebee’s in Hurricane, West Virginia. I had made the trek with my family to this central West Virginia town to visit my 85-year old aunt. It was a 3½-hour trip from where our daughters live, but you never know how many more chances you get to visit aging relatives, so we took it. My cousin and his wife joined us and suggested we eat there.  read more »


So, you have a great idea for a start-up or you want to expand your current business. You have the perfect business plan and are confident that both revenue growth and profitability are sure-fire.  

Problem is, you don’t have the capital to fund the start-up or expansion. If that is the case, here are 10 ways to fund your business. Which one is right for you?  


1. Bank Loan or Line of Credit read more »


Government agencies frequently advertise for “Sources sought” – what does that mean? Should you bother responding to a sources sought when it doesn’t result in a contract? Isn’t this just a waste of government time and money? What is the government doing? read more »


By Donald Brown

For the KPBJ


You’ve probably heard the saying that there’s nothing good that cannot be improved on. In the changing world of payables, this rings particularly true. Today’s payment processes are impacted by several friction points that slow the process down. But as we look to tomorrow, emerging technologies are creating a payables environment that is increasingly more cohesive and conducive to improving the connection between buyers and suppliers. read more »


Last month, I was in Bogotá, Colombia, to speak at a conference. I stayed an extra week to visit with family, as I am half-Colombian on my mother’s side. I have five aunts still living and scads of cousins. It’s always a joy to mix business with pleasure, especially in such a cool city as Bogotá.  read more »


 KPBJ May 2014 editionWhen Igvar “Iggy” Daga and Sean Matteson needed money last fall to grow their business, Iggy’s Foods, they knew a bank couldn’t help them. As word of mouth about Iggy’s fermented foods made the products more popular, the Bainbridge Island startup had been growing — but not enough to become bankable. read more »


By Kelly Deis, Accelerate Kitsap

Whether consciously or not, many business owners and leaders have their eye on the end game, more commonly known as an exit strategy. Whether you are an owner, manager or stockholder, presumably your interests are aligned to maximize the value of the company. read more »

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