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Harrison Medial Center breaks new ground with selection of Centricity solutions

GE Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare information technology , announced a multi-million dollar agreement with Harrison Medical Center for a broad portfolio of healthcare IT solutions. The announcement marks a significant expansion of GE’s footprint in the health information exchange market with a comprehensive deal that also includes the company’s full-featured electronic medical record , patient communication services, ePrescribing, quality outcomes measurement, and revenue cycle management tools.

With Centricity HIE Services pulling the digital care community together, this implementation will serve to extend Harrison’s EMR to community providers, bolster the patient care continuum and help Harrison’s providers improve the quality of their care.

Adar Palis, vice president and CIO of Harrison Medical Center, said the organization spent more than two years evaluating technology from several vendors before selecting GE Healthcare, largely based the company’s stability and a shared commitment to putting patients at the center of care.

“With its decision to fund this significant investment in EMR, HIE and other HIT solutions, even in a difficult economy, the Medical Center’s Board of Directors has made a clear statement of their commitment to improving care for Harrison’s patients,” said Scott Bosch, president and CEO of Harrison Medical Center. Palis continued, “Patients expect and deserve coordinated care, but within the industry we all know this has not been a simple goal to achieve. It will take dedication, new investments, and highly evolved IT solutions. Through our collaboration with GE Healthcare and the creation of a shared community health exchange, we will take big strides towards providing the best patient care possible.”

Jim Smalley, Chairman of the Board of Harrison Medical Center, commented, “At Harrison, we build systems to ensure our patients are treated with world-class, evidence-based medical care. Our investment in information technology is a key example of this focus. The Board is dedicated to fulfilling our mission and meeting the needs of the community, and we intend to get it right — the first time — with GE.”

James M. Corrigan, Vice President and General Manager at GE Healthcare, commented, “Harrison Medical Center is making a strategic investment in the future of healthcare that exemplifies the leadership this country is ready to embrace. For more than 40 years, GE Healthcare has been at the forefront of supporting innovative leaders in healthcare, enabling our customers’ business performance while helping them optimize clinical care. At Harrison and elsewhere, the powerful combination of EMR, HIE, practice management and patient portal solutions can have a combined impact even greater than the sum of its parts, and we look forward to working with an organization that believes so strongly in the role IT plays in advancing patient care.”

For more information on Harrison’s program to help community providers adopt the Centricity EMR, visit www.heromd.org.

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