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Tim Ryan Construction chooses to partner with medical providers

Medical Facility built by Tim Ryan ConstructionTim Ryan Construction maintains such a low profile they could almost be called a stealth construction company. Many Kitsap residents have never heard of TRC or its sister company Tim Ryan Properties, even though the Ryan companies have developed, built and own some of the highest profile medical properties in Kitsap County.

Those properties include the South Kitsap Medical Campus in Port Orchard, Salmon Medical Building in Silverdale, and the Poulsbo Village Medical and Dental Center.

That low profile of the closely held Ryan companies, founded 50 years ago by patriarch Tim Ryan, and managed by three of his children, sons Dan and Kevin Ryan and daughter Colleen Crabtree, is probably a reflection of the low key Ryans themselves. Administrative staff is minimal, company cars are white pickups and the Ryan offices are in a modest office building in Poulsbo.

“We are very conservative in the way we manage our business,” said Dan Ryan, president of Tim Ryan Construction, Inc., and partner of Tim Ryan Properties, LP. “While we are a commercial general contractor that is capable of taking on any project, we made the decision to specialize in development and construction of medical outpatient, surgical center and office projects for ourselves and select clients more than 15 years ago. Most of the projects we build for clients are negotiated, or cost plus type contracts as opposed to hard bid public works projects.

The new South Kitsap Medical Campus in Port Orchard is the latest example of Ryan’s approach. Tim Ryan Construction was chosen by Harrison Medical in mid-2007 to be the general contractor for a major expansion of the South Kitsap facility. The scope of work called for a complete architectural facelift and the addition of a new 36,000 Sq. Ft. building to house a 24/7 Harrison Urgent Care facility, and radiology suite for Advanced Medical Imaging, including a state of the art open face MRI.

The project was a challenge from the beginning. Major construction time from ground-breaking to ribbon cutting for the ground floor Harrison and AMI spaces had to be accomplished in eleven months. Harrison had made a promise to the Port Orchard community to open the new facility in January of 2009. TRC had to make the schedule happen on time and within Harrison’s tight budget.

Ryan started pre-construction planning in September of 2007. By November, major changes in the project occurred. Although the exact sequence of events leading up to the end result is unclear, Ryan ended up buying the seven acre property and buildings from Harrison, and then leasing space back to them on a long term basis.

“We’re not in the business of allocating resources to owning and managing buildings and facilities,” stated Harrison CEO Scott Bosch at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Port Orchard facility. “We’re in the business of providing exceptional medical care to the people and communities where we do business. That’s our core mission.”

That single statement has defined a win-win-win situation for Harrison, Tim Ryan Construction, and the communities where Harrison does business.

You can visit Tim Ryan Construction online at www.timryanconstruction.com.

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