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Hutch-Con Construction: A small company with excellent track record

The Hutchinsons of Hutch-Con ConstructionRon Hutchinson’s work can be seen in some familiar landmarks around Kitsap County, including the renovation of West Bay Center in Port Orchard and the construction of Harrison Medical Center’s new oncology center in Poulsbo. And while demand for his company, Hutch-Con Construction, continues steady, he says he doesn’t plan on growing it beyond a point when he can’t be personally involved in every project.

“Ron likes to be involved in everything. He wants to know what’s going on all the time, to be in control of quality,” says his wife, Shawn, who is the business manager and has been with the company for 13 years. “As we get larger, he still wants to balance that.”

Hutchinson says the growth has been steady and consistent over the years. Last year, the company had its biggest year for projects, and he thinks this year will come close to ‘08. “Things are going well,” he says. “Most projects are from regular, repeat customers… and we have new customers this year too.”

Before he launched his own business, he started out as an ironworker and later worked for Seattle companies on such projects as the first I-90 floating bridge, and even had a stint as a construction analyst for a law firm.

Hutchinson started the business out of a spare bedroom in his house almost two decades ago, building homes. The company now has seven employees and has been at its location in Port Orchard for more than seven years. He is also an active member of the community, participating with groups such as the South Kitsap Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and Little League teams.

Some customers introduced him to commercial projects, and now HutchCon does mostly commercial construction, both new and remodels. Hutchinson, who has a degree in construction management, says he enjoys the business-to-business environment.

“I really enjoy the building aspect but also the relationships,” he says. “You meet a lot of people and give a lot of input to the customers.”

HutchCon Construction is part of a network that does tenant improvements for national retailers like Target and Ross around the Northwest. Locally, the company gets all its work by word of mouth. He says they even get calls from people who’ve moved on to a new job and are looking to hire HutchCon for a project at their new company. Most of the local work is around Western Washington, and the company has a crew in Centralia and Olympia as well.

“We’re a smaller company but we are capable of doing large work in a professional way,” Hutchinson says. “Our guys are well-trained and our attitude is to treat everyone with respect.”

Hutchinson says he doesn’t see the business becoming a big company where he is “at the head of a table with 10 project managers,” but when the right person comes along who shares the same goals and ideals, he would expand a bit. “I want to stay involved day to day,” he says.

You can visit the Hutch-Con website at www.hutchcon.com.

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