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Employers back measure requiring two-thirds vote on taxes

Employer representatives on the Association of Washington Business’ (AWB) Board of Directors have voted unanimously to support Initiative 1053, a measure requiring a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to raise taxes. Board members approved the vote May 13 during the state chamber of commerce’s annual Spring Board Meeting in Spokane.

“Taxes and increased costs on business are the top issue of concern for our members right now,” said AWB President Don Brunell. “This fall’s elections will undoubtedly be about the impact of taxes on families and businesses. Our board felt strongly enough about this measure to provide an early endorsement, in the hopes of raising the visibility of the issue among voters.”

Voters approved the requirement in 2007’s Initiative 960, but the Legislature suspended it during this year’s legislative session, and promptly approved more than $800 million in new and increased taxes. AWB believes the two-thirds majority requirement is an important tool for controlling spending in this state.

AWB is urging its members to support I-1053, sign petitions to get it on the ballot before the July 2 deadline and vote for it in the November general election.

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