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Kingston meeting offers residents a chance to comment on new library design

Kitsap Regional Library will sponsor a community meeting and comment session June 13 to give area residents a chance to see the proposed interior design of the new Kingston Library facility.

The 5,000-square-foot library will be contained within the 21,000-square-foot Village Green Community Center on West Kingston Road. The center is being designed by architect Miles Yanick. KRL hired Bremerton architects Rice Fergus Miller to work with Yanick on the library portion of the building and complete the interior design.

The meeting will be from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Kingston Fire Hall, 26642 Miller Bay Road NE.

During the first part of the meeting, representatives of the Village Green Foundation, which will own the community center building, KRL and Rice Fergus Miller will present information about how the community’s desires about features for a new library were collected and synthesized and how they are reflected in the design that Rice Fergus Miller has created.

The second part of the meeting will provide a comment session during which community residents can examine the proposed interior design, comment on it and offer suggestions with the design team.

The design of the library represents a cooperative effort between the two architects. While Yanick has designed the shell of the building, his firm has worked with Rice Fergus Miller to accommodate the needs of the library space. For example, Yanick made the space more of a rectangle, raised the ceiling heights in the library portion of the building and relocated some windows based on requests from Rice Fergus Miller.

KRL has received a $1 million grant from a privately directed family fund managed by the Kitsap Community Foundation to pay for the interior of the library. KRL has also received a $50,000 donation that is to be used for artistic elements in the children’s area of the library. Additional donations to support the library in the community center have been made to the Village Green Foundation to help pay for the overall cost of the building.

“The design that has been proposed by Rice Fergus Miller would create a really wonderful library space,” said KRL Director Jill Jean. “It reflects the desires of the community and the history of the community well, while still providing KRL with the space flexibility needed to efficiently operate a modern library.

“We look forward to the opportunity to talk with the community about their comments and suggestions,” she added.

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