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Kitsap Regional Library makes downloading e-books easier

Kitsap Regional Library’s collection of downloadable e-books and audiobooks has a new, more user-friendly interface that makes borrowing the materials from the library easier than ever.

The new system offered by Overdrive, KRL’s vendor for most of its downloadable e-books and audiobooks, does away with complex digital rights management software and initial setup of reading devices.

Now, all a borrower has to do is to go to KRL’s digital collection (www.KRL.org > dropdown menu: Books & More > click “Download e-books”), sign in with a library card number, browse for an e-book to read, then click on the title you want and select “borrow.”

The borrower has the choice to either start reading immediately or visit the virtual bookshelf to download. The collection is cloud-based, accessible from any device that features a web browser, including smart phones, many e-readers, tablet computers, laptops and desktops.

“If you’ve been wishing the process of checking out e-books was easier, your wait is over,” KRL librarian Tressa Johnson wrote in a blog post about the new system. “No more device authentication. No more confusion about formats. In fact, all you need is a library card and a device with a modern web browser. Bookmark the title and read it at your leisure — even when you’re not online.”

Johnson lists the benefits of the new e-book borrowing process:

  • There’s no software to download, no apps to install, no Adobe password to remember. Want to get started with library e-books? It’s easy: choose a book, click “borrow,” type in your library user name (or card number) and password, and start reading.
  • The ability sync to “furthest page read” between devices. You can start reading in Chrome on your desktop computer, pick up where you left off in Safari on your iPad, and then again in your Android phone’s default browser. Just navigate to your bookshelf on the library’s e-book website to resume where you left off.
  • Customizing the font, font size, justification, line spacing, even the theme.
  • Use bookmarks or the “thumb placeholder” feature to save your place.
  • Looking for a specific passage? With full-book searchability, you’ll have no trouble locating that elusive quote.

The Overdrive upgrade is a long-awaited enhancement that simplifies the process of borrowing e-books from the library.

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