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Easter Seals Washington seeks Kitsap County board members

Easter Seals Washington, a statewide nonprofit organization serving people with disabilities, is seeking volunteer board members from the Kitsap County area.

Easter Seals provides a full range of services to people with disabilities to help them live more independently and become more included in their communities. Services include recreational therapy in Pierce County, assistive technology in Spokane, inclusive child care and education throughout the state, autism services, and workforce development in Bremerton. Easter Seals Washington serves over 4,000 people per year with a budget of over $5 million.

Easter Seals is committed to a board that represents the geographic diversity of its programs, and is looking for philanthropic men and women from Kitsap County to help guide and represent its programming in the area. Service requirements include five three-hour meetings per year; committee work (mostly via telephone and email); and attendance at one to three events. More importantly, board members are counted on to help provide overall vision for the organization and represent that vision to the community.

The board is a diverse group of committed professionals donating their time to help people with disabilities and their families achieve their goals and change their lives. Membership in Easter Seals board of directors provides Kitsap County professionals the opportunity to make a significant impact in their community.

For more information contact Cathy Bisaillon, president/CEO, at cathyb [at] wa [dot] easterseals [dot] com or 360-981-9263. Web address: www.wa.easterseals.com.

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