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Hospice of Kitsap County announces partnership with Harrison Medical Center

The Hospice of Kitsap County Board of Trustees has announced its intent to partner with Harrison Medical Center. As the area’s first and only locally incorporated hospice care provider, Hospice of Kitsap County remains committed to working in concert with local doctors and other health care providers to meet the needs of this community.

“As we grow and expand our services, so does the need for creating a strong and effective infrastructure,” said Jim Page, president of the board of trustees. “We want to make sure that our agency can manage this growth responsibly and effectively.”

Hospice of Kitsap County reports it is financially sound and committed to its mission. However, the scale and scope of capabilities needed today and in the future of an ever-changing healthcare landscape are challenging for a small organization to manage alone.

“There is widely accepted philosophy that healthcare is best provided locally — and we couldn’t agree more,” Harrison Medical Center CEO Scott Bosch said. “Patients choose Harrison, our local physicians, and Hospice of Kitsap County not only for the excellent care and service, but for the convenient and friendly environment afforded them in Kitsap County. We believe our partnership will nurture the best environment for our employees and physicians; and will truly benefit patient care.”

The partnership begins as a consulting agreement and then will migrate to a management services agreement. This agreement will last up to two years, with both organizations remaining separate. There are no plans at the current time to merge or consolidate the two organizations, although that could happen at some point in the future. Once this agreement is in place and there is a planned schedule for work, it will be shared with the agencies’ stakeholders.

“Harrison brings a wealth of experience, local talent, and knowledge that will provide great benefit to Hospice,” Page said. “We look forward to working with Harrison to ensure our patients and families get the exceptional care they have come to expect from us for many years to come.”

Last month, the HKC Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Ann Taylor as the organization’s executive director and she agreed to serve on an interim basis. Page said when the agreement between Hospice and Harrison commences, a national search for a permanent executive director will begin.

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