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Temple A Stark

Getting gray hair doesn’t suddenly mean a person changes their lifestyle and health habits.

But as the body ages, the benefits of a fit body increase. No longer is the sole reason for sweating and working out to look good. Now it is to LIVE life.

First thing to remember — doctors are there for a reason. Ask them what kind of exercise is appropriate. Ask friends as well. With that base of knowledge go out into the world of fitness. read more »


You see them every day going about your regular day.

They are the retired volunteers, using their time to fill their hearts. They man the non-profit thrift stores and boutiques along the highways. They also dip their hands into improving the land around them.

People such as Nancy Lind, Sam Livingstone, Lu Winsor and Roy Lampson invest huge blocks of volunteer time to the 224 acres of wilderness oasis known as the Rocky Creek Conservation Area. All are retired. read more »


Sometimes things are just black and white. When a person is colorblind that can be their entire world.

That monochromatic extreme is rare, said Joe Trull, O.D., at Eyedesigns in Port Orchard, who himself has trouble telling different greens apart. read more »


The rules continually change for companies and individuals that deal with Medicare. It can be hard to keep up, even for companies large enough to be able to pay people to do so.

Medicare is the federal program to help older citizens, but it also covers those who have permanent kidney failure and certain people with disabilities. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services administers Medicare. The nation’s largest health insurance program covers about 37 million Americans. read more »


Over the last 18 months health insurance possibilities for individuals and small businesses have opened up.

The state legislature passed laws that made it easier for large insurance companies such as Regence and Premera to offer less expensive health options than they had previously offered. Beforehand, the difficulty of obtaining health insurance for a sole proprietor business was a huge thorn in the side. Enough to burst entrepreneurial enthusiasm — fast. read more »

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