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Temple A Stark

Jim Coleman is a typical writer in one way only — he has another job that brings in the real money, while he indulges his “hobby.”

Coleman’s writing hobby, however has succeeded far more than most writers. He has published four books. One of these 2004 releases, “Omens” is set in Safford, Ariz., a place where he visited often.

Coleman’s childhood memories do not translate on the page into fondness, though walking through Safford in early July, he is clearly excited to be back in the town. Don’t expect to see Safford in its best light, however. It’s fiction after all, and its 457 pages are dark. Another book released this year is set in Phoenix and Cordes Junction.

“Both books are crime/suspense, with elements of police work and a touch of the paranormal,” said Coleman read more »


It may be too late for a good start on a diet. But it’s not soon enough for a good exercise plan.

People have big ideas about how to get small, but they often follow the path parallel to that one paved with good intentions. As might be expected, the American Heart Association takes a rather sober look at exercise.

“Programs designed to improve physical fitness take into account Frequency , Intensity , and Time ,” the AHA states. read more »


Winter here is a dark time — for some people more than others.

The reason is Seasonal Affective Disorder , a diagnosed condition relating to a lack of sunshine and a resulting depleted serotonin level. read more »


The reasons for buying a used car have never changed — they cost less to buy and insure. The way of doing so continues to evolve. As with so many other things, the change starts with the Internet.

Dealers have embraced the Internet, not only to list their inventory for prospective buyers, but to try and give them the feel of doing everything but hear the engine. One often overlooked benefit of touring the Web for used cars are the deep discounts available — usually at least $1,000.

And the Internet is also useful for extensive advice and data. read more »


It’s war time and the scammers come out to play.

A group that calls themselves the North American Center for Emergency Communications at NACEC.org is among the latest to come under suspicion.

The group has not been brought to the attention of the state Attorney General’s Office. Chris Jarvis, AGO, consumer protection division, said nothing about the NACEC Web site immediately struck him as suspicious. Except for the general idea it presented. read more »


“It’s not fair.” Ever said that? “Small Claims” court may be the answer.

Small claims courts are where rights encountered every day are protected. No such large constitutional issues as “free speech” or the right to bear arms are ruled upon.

But the minor grievencanes that can disrupt a day and violate the typical person’s strong sense of fairness come into play every day. read more »


There’s a group in Kitsap County that seeks to fight the perception that money buys justice. The Kitsap County Volunteer Attorney Service gathers a group of like-minded lawyers who spend some of their volunteer hours helping out those who have trouble paying their bills. read more »


The last few years for KPS Health Plans have been under a cloud of financial doubt.

The cloud has not stopped anyone from doing the work required. It had, though, initiated a rehabilitation process that stopped a slide into receivership before it could start. Then Insurance Commissioner Deborah Senn took on oversight of the process. That responsibility now lies with state deputy insurance commissioner James Odiorne. read more »


Everybody has ideas on what to do and not do when it comes to buying and selling homes.

That can be a problem, said Dave Patmon, sales associate with John L. Scott in Poulsbo and one of the county’s top producing agents.

“A big mistake people make is listening to their friends and neighbors, some of whom may have been in the Real Estate market years ago,” Patmon said. “The market’s changed.”

Listening to just one agent at first can also limit a buyer or sellers complete understanding of the market. read more »

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