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Lary Coppola
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BMW 4 SeriesWithout going into detail, I’ll openly confess to not being a big BMW fan after being treated very shabbily by BMW Northwest when my wife’s 5-Series needed repairs. Because of that, I rarely write about BMW’s because I’m not always as objective I should be. read more »


It is with mixed emotions that I write what may be my last column for the Business Journal, for what is our 26th anniversary edition. As you probably know by now, we have sold this paper to the E. W. Scripps Company, which also publishes the Kitsap Sun. read more »


carsGas/electric hybrid cars have come a long way from the geeky-looking Honda Insight and the original Toyota Prius. Today, there are hybrid choices by almost every manufacturer in almost every market segment from compact two-seaters, to full-size, nine-passenger SUVs. The greatest number of choices are in the compact or midsize sedan segment, and include hybrid versions of popular gasoline-powered vehicles like the Ford Fusion and Kia Optima for example, while some are stand-alone hybrid designs like the Toyota Prius and Honda CR-Z.

  read more »


Saying, “Through Scott’s leadership, Harrison Medical Center is now well-poised to fulfill its mission for generations to come,” Harrison Medical Center board chairman Jim Civilla announced to the community that Scott Bosch, president and CEO for nearly a decade, will retire  July 31. read more »


2014 Kia SoulWhen the Kia Soul debuted in 2009, it joined the Scion xB and Nissan Cube in that unique market niche defined by the cool factor, funky styling, low prices, and youthful spirit. A mere five years later, we’re watching xB and Cube follow the Honda Element into oblivion. Meanwhile, the Kia Soul continues to enjoy strong sales momentum.

With an eye towards holding on to the hipsters — which seemingly include as many Boomers as Millennials — Kia introduced a new Soul for the 2014 model year that’s been heavily redesigned, with updated styling inside and out, — plus a host of new features. read more »

The Last Word

It’s no secret to any non-Kool-Aid-drinking person actually paying attention to the world around them, that the Obama administration’s corrupt practices have led to a systematic dismantling of the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Now that I have your attention, of course I realize that sounds blatantly partisan — like an alarmist Fox News rant, with a cup of Tea Party flavoring mixed in. However, if you’ve read George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, you know it isn’t.

The novel, originally published in 1949, is set in the superstate of Oceania, in a world perpetually at war, and where highly intrusive government surveillance of its citizens is omnipresent. Can you say NSA? read more »


2014 Honda AccordWe recently had the opportunity to test drive the 2014 Honda Accord EX-L standard gas version, and the TRG gas/electric hybrid version of the EX-L in back-to back weeks. Both cars were similarly equipped, and this will be a comparison review.

Both an all-new Accord sedan and coupe were introduced last year, and only minor updates have been made for 2014. However this year saw the debut of a regular gas/electric hybrid model and a limited-production, plug-in hybrid as well. read more »

The Last Word

Of the three potential choices to replace Commissioner Josh Brown, who resigned to become executive director of the Puget Sound Regional Council, the choice of Linda Streissguth was the best one. Commissioners Charlotte Garrido and Rob Gelder deserve kudos for having the fortitude to stand up to their own party’s Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs), whose choice was Bremerton City Council member and self-proclaimed ultra-liberal, Leslie Daugs — who hadn’t even begun to serve the term she was re-elected to less than 30 days before Brown’s replacement process began.

The choice of Streissguth ignited an internal battle within the local Democratic Party, with PCOs whining publicly in a Kitsap Sun article that the commissioners had no right to override their first choice. Excuse me? If their first choice is to be the anointed one, why bother to select three, or even consult the commissioners at all? read more »


2014 Honda PilotIn contrast to many recently redesigned, and restyled large crossover competitors, the 2014 Honda Pilot SUV is relatively unchanged since the second-generation Pilot debuted back in 2009. While its age is a disadvantage in a few key areas, its major plus is ample room inside, which continues to make the 2014 Pilot a solid choice for buyers needing seating for eight and more than a little flexible cargo space. read more »

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