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Jim Kendall
Executive Gift Giving

Special to the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal

To my dismay I note that Christmas/gift catalogs are showing up in the mailbox earlier and in ever-growing numbers, weight and size. I clearly was mistaken in believing that the Internet would be the death of those nasty tree-killer catalogs. Well. Not catalogs about tree killers (oh, never mind.) “Christmas” began showing up in ads even before the Halloween candy made it into the bowl by the door. Egad!

In any case, whenever I see that little overworked USPS jeep-looking buggy coming up the hill, I can’t help but think of “The Little Engine that Could” and all the huffing and puffing that went along with the tale. read more »

Executive Gift Giving

Triumph Rocket IIIWhat? Already? Holy Smoke and It’s that time of year again! It must be time to dust off the ol’ ornaments and find some new ones, and update that list of who is naughty and who is nice.

Electronic Gadgets and Other Fun Stuff

Wireless speakers. Bluetooth wireless speakers. Really good Bluetooth wireless speakers. Really-good-I-just-love-‘em wireless speakers. Bose Soundlink wireless speakers. read more »

Executive Gift Giving

Wow! How time flies when you are having fun! And sometimes even when you are not. It’s that time of year once again to make our lists and check them twice. So, in the spirit of the Season, a little Naughty is ok, and Nice is really good.

Electronic Gadgets and Other Fun Stuff

Everything iPad

OK, I admit it. I am having a ball with my new iPad 2, and finding accessories that work is part of the fun. I started by ordering the Apple Wireless Keyboard for the iPad, and while it works, it is a bit clunky. I also purchased the Apple docking/stand, which is even more clunky. As with most things Electronic Gadget-wise, there are third party substitutes out there that claim to do it better than the original, and in some cases that is actually true. read more »

Executive Gift Giving

It’s that time of year when once again we make our lists and check them twice, and pretty much ignore who is naughty or nice. (After all, naughty can be good, sometimes!)

Electronic Gadgets and Other Fun Stuff

Canon Rebel T2i SLR — For the quality, it is hard to beat the new Canon Rebel T2i SLR, with 18 Megapixels of rock solid high definition stills and an almost point and click simplicity. No tapes or hard drives to juggle, the camera records to SD card media, self cleans the CMOS video sensor, and is just an all around fun package. Expect to shell out about $850 for this camera with included 18-55 mm lens, and consider it money well spent. read more »


It seems more of us are becoming procrastination experts when it comes to Christmas shopping. Even with the ease of purchasing online, it seems that the big day sneaks up on us. To help with conquering the dither’s, the following suggestions are offered to perhaps help you get the process started.

Electronic Gadgets and Other Fun Stuff read more »


It is that time of year again when thoughts turn to gifts for loved ones, and other family and friends. . Ingenuity is the byword of the day. To aid you through this annual task we offer up some items from practical to fun. It is up to you to take it from there.

Electronic Gadgets and Other Fun Stuff

If you watched “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets” you may remember a scene with Riley flying a radio controlled helicopter with camera, viewing the replica Statue of Liberty in Paris. If you thought that was a fun thing to do, well now you can! Check out the RC helicopter with camera. read more »


When you hear about Amateur Radio Operators, or “hams,” what probably most sticks in your mind, in glowing letters four inches tall, is the word “Amateur.” Upon which, depending on your inclinations or perhaps vocation, your lip may curl ever so slightly. It could be a sneer, or it could be a smile. You may have an image of a young boy with a clunky soldering iron, smoke curling up from the tip, bent over some mysterious metallic clutter. read more »


VoIP. It is an acronym that means “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and can be described as telephone services over the Internet. Or, as the FCC Website says: “Voice over Internet Protocol , is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line” .

Indeed it does, and with some spectacular features and capabilities.  read more »


There are so many new technologies moving into the consumer mass market and so many applications within each technology, it can make the most savvy technology-consumer dizzy. A casual search of magazines and Web sites can put the adventurous into overload almost as fast as the newest CPU’s munch ones and zeros.

Your friendly neighborhood publisher, recognizing the dangers of the technology jungle, especially for the uninitiated, wisely engaged another person to search out some of the more intriguing items available for this year’s giving season. read more »

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