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PHUONG LE, Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) — Tacoma Rail has told Washington state that it moves about three unit trains of Bakken crude oil in Pierce County each week, information that federal transportation officials have ordered released to help emergency responders prepare for accidents.

Tacoma Rail, a short-line railroad owned by the city of Tacoma, disclosed the information to the state this month; it said the three unit trains move only in Pierce County. A unit train consists of 90 to 120 tank cars, each typically carrying about 28,000 gallons. read more »


YAKIMA (AP) — The value of farmland continues to rise in Washington, largely because farm products are producing big sales numbers.

In Yakima County, the average sale price for irrigated, high-quality and vacant farmland rose 37 percent to an estimated $5,302 per acre between 2011 and 2014.

The Yakima Herald-Republic reported that existing farms push the price even higher. Statewide, the average price of farmland already cropped went up about 6 percent from $8,500 to $9,000 an acre between 2012 and 2013. read more »


A Bremerton entrepreneur in the marijuana industry is launching an eBay-like online marketplace to connect growers and processors who are already in operation with state-licensed retailers that will be opening pot stores soon.

David Comeau recently started Potmarket.co, where licensed cannabis businesses can buy and sell products. It’s not for consumers, however; they will only be allowed to buy pot from licensed retailers. read more »


On July 5 and 6, our first GAMCON (Gaming, Anime and Music Convention — www.gamconvention.com/) is coming to the Kitsap Conference Center at Harborside in Bremerton. This local incarnation is similar to those which enjoy huge success in other parts of the country. West Sound Technology Association (WSTA) is a premier Kickstarter backer of this event, thanks to a generous donation on its behalf by Professional Options, a longtime WSTA supporter and sponsor. read more »


By JENNIFER McDERMOTT, Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The U.S. military is looking into allowing all of the nation’s veterans who served honorably to shop online at exchanges that sell discounted, name-brand goods — a perk that is currently available only to a small minority.

The change is proposed by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service director as a way to show appreciation for veterans and to offset a loss of revenue as troops return from overseas, where they had few alternatives but to shop at the military retail stores. read more »


The Washington State University Extension and Department of Animal Sciences are offering daylong courses in sustainable pork and poultry production on July 11. The courses, called Pork 100 and Poultry 100 respectively, will take place at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and each includes eight hours of in-depth training. read more »


The Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance has announced a Tourism Assessment Study to be conducted in June and July.

Nan Devlin of Avid Traveler Consultants in Seattle will be completing the review. She is working with the alliance and Karen Scott of the City Marketing Department to gather information about existing promotions, hotel and venue capacity, community events, and home locations of visitors. read more »


NEW YORK (AP) — Nearly 2 million people around the world became millionaires last year, a year-over-year increase of 15 percent, as surging stock and home markets lifted the fortunes of the wealthy. The increase raised the number of millionaires to a record 13.7 million.

A report from consultant Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Canada estimated the combined net worth of millionaires at $53 trillion in 2013. That was up 14 percent from the year earlier — the second-biggest increase since the two companies began issuing wealth reports with comparable data in 2000. read more »


The Port of Bremerton will receive $2.2 million in leftover funds from the 2013 federal funding cycle, and the money will go toward the Cross-SKIA Connector project at the port’s industrial park near the Bremerton  National Airport.

Puget Sound Regional Council announced Monday that it’s redistributing about $20 million to shovel-ready projects. The funding was divided proportionally by population among King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties, with $1.2 million going to Kitsap for its highest-priority road project. read more »

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