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Central Kitsap residents interested in discussing their vision for a new Silverdale library are encouraged to attend a March 20 town hall meeting that will be jointly sponsored by the Central Kitsap Community Council and Kitsap Regional Library.

The meeting will be 7 p.m. in the community room at the joint Silverdale Water District/CK Fire and Rescue Headquarters on Newberry Hill Road.

The plan is for Kitsap Regional Library to have about 90 minutes to engage the public and the Community Council in a discussion about plans for the new Silverdale Library. It will be an opportunity both for KRL to present information and for the public to be heard on two items of particular importance:

  • The potential location for the new library
  • A vision for what the new library should include

KRL will offer information on the three site options it has been working to develop over the past few months. read more »


Union-represented professional and technical employees of Harrison Medical Center hold an informational picket outside the hospital in Bremerton on Feb. 19. Negotiations with Harrison for a new contract for nearly 800 workers began last July but have reached an impasse.There has never been a strike — and possibly never even the threat of one — by any of the union-represented groups of Harrison Medical Center employees, yet a disagreement over language relating to strikes is the primary reason for an impasse in contract negotiations with a group of nearly 800 employees.

Those workers in the “pro-tech” group — medical technicians and employees in a range of other hospital jobs — are represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21. read more »

Retirement Lifestyles
"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." ~ George Bernard Shaw

My wife Barb and I went to see Paul McCartney perform live at Safeco Field last year. I can honestly say it was one of the highlights of my life. I knew that this was probably the last time I would have a chance to watch a former Beatles member perform live. McCartney was 71 years old at the time and I doubted Seattle was going to be a destination spot for future events. Barb and I enjoyed watching Sir Paul regale a packed house on a beautiful summer night for nearly three hours without a break. Three hours! This included three encore performances alongside former members of Nirvana, all easily half his age. Just a few weeks ago, I watched the CBS special of the 50th anniversary of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. McCartney was there with the other living member of the band, Ringo Starr (who is older than him.) They put on an amazing show. At 72, McCartney probably can’t even spell “retirement,” nor does he want to. read more »


The Alliance of Women Owned Businesses (AWOB) announced the selection of three regional public figures to be judges for the upcoming Crystal Star Awards honoring outstanding women business owners from Pierce, Mason, Kitsap and Thurston counties.

The AWOB awards are presented every other year to women who inspire excellence, run successful businesses, open doors and make a difference in their communities. The judges for the 2014 awards will be Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent, Jeff Rounce, publisher of the Business Examiner in the South Sound, and Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson.

Lent and Anderson previously served as judges for the 2012 awards. Lent, who has been a private business owner herself, said she is looking forward to the opportunity to meet the finalists that are chosen by the organization’s Crystal Star Awards committee. read more »

Retirement Lifestyles

You need to save and invest as much as possible to pay for the retirement lifestyle you’ve envisioned. But your retirement income also depends, to a certain degree, on how your retirement funds are taxed. And that’s why you may be interested in tax diversification.

To understand the concept of tax diversification, you’ll need to be familiar with how two of the most important retirement-savings vehicles — an IRA and a 401(k) — are taxed. Essentially, these accounts can be classified as either “traditional” or “Roth.”

When you invest in a traditional IRA or 401(k), your contributions may be tax-deductible and your earnings can grow tax-deferred. With a Roth IRA or 401(k), your contributions are not deductible, but your distributions can potentially be tax-free, provided you meet certain conditions. (Keep in mind, though, that to contribute to a Roth IRA, you can’t exceed designated income limits. Also, not all employers offer the Roth option for 401(k) plans.) read more »

Retirement Lifestyles

Double Your Retirement DollarsDownsizing has become the desire of many Baby Boomers and mature Americans. They have raised their children in the family home, worked hard to pay off or pay down their mortgage and are ready to sell and move to their retirement dream home. Unfortunately for many, it can be difficult to make the finances work. Do they sell the home and pay cash for the new one, get a small mortgage, or just stay? According to the Demand Institute and American Housing Survey, 64.5 percent of homeowners age 62 and older own their homes free and clear and over 40 percent of them have a desire to move and purchase another home. The truth is it’s much easier than ever to make the move. read more »

Human Resources

Last week, a job candidate who’d just completed an interview told us, “I’m so excited; they offered me the job!” when, sadly, it turned out she actually hadn’t gotten the job.

What went wrong?

The interviewer didn’t know how to gracefully end the interview, and the unintended result was a total miscue to the candidate. This is an agonizing situation for both job candidates and employers that should be avoided at all costs!

Applicants coming to job interviews are excited and eager. Could this be the next step in their career, the best job they’ve ever had, or the opportunity that finally gets them off unemployment? They badly want to hear the magic words “you’re hired.” read more »

Human Resources

The Kitsap Development Officers Group meeting on March 4 will feature a Major Giving Workshop. Chris Davenport will be showcasing a major giving video from a seasoned professional to lead a discussion about major gifts. Additionally, there will have professionals on hand to answer questions and add real life examples.

Kitsap Community Foundation also will update the group on plans for The Kitsap Great Give, a new philanthropic campaign being organized for this year. The deadline for nonprofits to register for The Kitsap Great Give is March 15.

Any nonprofit located in or serving the greater Kitsap area is eligible to participate in an online day of giving that will be held on May 6. read more »


The City of Port Orchard will formally kick off its 2016 Comprehensive Plan update process with a public open house on March 8. The event will be held from from 9:30 a.m. until noon in Council Chambers at City Hall, 216 Prospect St.

The open house is being held for the purpose of gathering public input on key issues and challenges facing the city, as well as for expressing opinions on what opportunities there are for improvement of the city overall.

The city has partnered with a University of Washington class of masters degree students who will be there to facilitate the visioning process. read more »

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