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2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005 40 Under Forty Winners

Congratulations — All 40 Under Forty Winners

40 Under FortyDrawn from a pool of hundreds of nominees, the Kitsap Peninsula Business
Journal takes great pleasure in introducing you to the “40 Under Forty” Winners.

Our distinguished panel of judges selected 40 of the Kitsap
Peninsula’s best, brightest, and most outstanding individuals under the
age of 40, who were nominated for this very special honor by community
leaders, elected officials, and local businesspeople, as well as past 40
Under Forty honorees. As we have done in the past years, this very
special group was selected based on their career success, community
involvement, and personal commitment to making a difference in our community. Our future is brighter because of the efforts of people such as these, working hard to make a difference in our local area.

Class of 2005 Class of 2006 Class of 2007 Class of 2008
Lisa Berntsen
Erin Brinkerhoff
Christopher Clephane
Sean C. Combs
Hannah Crowell
Jennifer Fetterplace
Robert Gelder
Paul Gilmore
Jennifer Hayes
Karie Hoffman
Sheldon Hooker
Charles Horton
Scott Houmes
Steve Houmes
Marty Huff
Wayne Keffer
Devin Louden
Beth Ludlow
Brent Marmon
Kelsey Marshall
Jason Mayer
Kara Morkert
Carrie Mulcahy
Roger Nance
Dr. Nicholas Nelson
Audrey Newell
Dr. Jeff Olsen
Adar Palis
Brian Patten
Leslie Peterson
Nate Potter
Joe Riley
Elizabeth Scott
Mark Timmerman
Kyler Talbot
AnnaLee Todd
Angela Sell
Stacey Tucker
Jeff Way
Jim Way
Ted Abernathy
Brock Baker
Teresa M. Bryant
Rick Cadwell
Ryan Christian
Shawn Cucciardi
Miranda Dageenakis
Wes Davis
Derrin Doty
Lori Durham
Rebecca Graham
Maura Hallam Sweley
Morgan Hanley
Rich Hecker
Kay Hill Cook
Ken Kambich
Derek Kilmer
Joni Kimmel
Robert C. King
Chris Koebelin
Chris Lee
Bryan McConaughy
Jennifer Mentor Mills
Heidi Kaufman
Jennifer Nance
Hank Nance
Shanna Neims
Kristi Nelson
R.J. Peabody